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The Czech Dance Festival

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We are opening a space for co-creating the event – a celebration of life that will fill us all with joy and inspire us for the next few days. Together we can create more.

The Czech Dance Festival

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Be part of a project that develops and strengthens a community based on shared values of sustainability, joy and kind attitude to yourself and the planet Earth.

The Czech Dance Festival

We set no limits to inspiration

Write to us what you come up with and send us your work or form of support. We are opening a space where you can present you and yourself.

The Czech Dance Festival

Our intention is to co-create

We believe that everyone can add something – from finances to their own abilities. We value our partners very much and we will be happy to support your promotion through our communication channels and at the festival site.

Sacred Dance


A 5-day Sacred Dance dance and music meeting with the intention of meeting “tribe”, which has built up in recent years, with the intention of celebrating life together, growing through co-creation, relaxing through music, dance and singing.

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You can look forward to live concerts, inspiring workshops and of course lots of dances. Nature, vegetarian goodies, fire, massages and loving time spent with people who want to enjoy enriching days in harmony with each other, with others and with nature.

Flying Universe


Is a new online platform for live ceremonies, musical events, lectures and heart-expanding talks.

Flow 24


Welcome to our space, the Eggallery at Flow point, a creative portal for conceptual art, storytelling and future mythology. We are creating a global network of beings using locally made Olive wood eggs to inspire connection and sharing.

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You will find natural, painted and sculpted eggs to match your desires and energy, each one tattooed with a unique numbered design that places the guardian of the egg into the story. A journey towards Eggtopia.

Creating future mythologies:

Select the egg that speaks to you, touch it, smell it, hold it in your arms and then close your eyes. At this moment you become the first guardian of the egg, now imagine it being passed on to your children, students or friends in years to come and carry with it your message, intentions, beliefs and passions.When this process is repeated many times the egg will appear at a point in the far future, intoned with ancestral power. See this point, trace the thread back and write the story, either in the big book in the gallery or online at our custom designed website; The Eggstagram.

We would love all of you to stay here in Arillas with us, for those returning home you can use your eggsclusive access to the site to continue the journey. Using a private social media construct allowing you to upload photos and videos, write stories, grow your collection of eggs and promote yourself. We hope you will also connect with other egg users and return to us here with your egg for future festivals and eggatherings.

Last year 150 eggs left Arillas spreading worldwide, the eggs have been used in dance workshops, as alter pieces, taken on pilgrimages, meditation tools and as decoration. You decide the eggs present and future by your choice to use it, we are the hatchery, offering the opportunity to create future artifacts with a traceable history. The symbology of the egg invites us to focus energy on our own origin, reminds us to stay creative, embracing what needs to be hatched and to gestate new futures.

Agape Zoe


Our locations in Berlin and Corfu are regularly being transformed into a colorful kaleidoscope of the simple and good life – with Yoga, Healing Arts & Mindfulness, Bodywork, Movement & Dance, Breathwork, Singing Circles & Cacao Ceremonies, Philosophy, Music & Live Acts featuring many well-known and new outstanding teachers, healers, and artists from all over the world.