Nikolas Stratigos

Nikolas Stratigos


Nikolas is a musician and composer, born in Athens Greece.

At age 14 he took his first classical guitar lesson and at age 23 he began playing professionally, gigging all over Greece with various bands, as a guitarist or as a bass player, playing the blues, country, soul, R’n’B, funk, rock, pop, lots of reggae, dub and psy dub.

In 2007 he created ”….Eksagnistirio Studio”, his own professional rehearsal and recording studio, that he ran until 2015.

After performing on hundreds live events and after establishing himself as one of Greece’s best reggae guitarists, he felt the need to change his life and musical path.
Seeking a new way to express his own spirituality through music, he chose composition. In 2013 he stopped playing with bands and decided to create his own music or at least that’s what he thought.
In reality he found that he would become the vessel for music to be expressed. That’s why he states that he can be credited mostly for practising hard on the guitar all these years, so that music can be expressed through him in the best possible way, rather than for the composition itself.
He began touring Greece, playing his guitar in nature, mostly at rivers. There he would find the perfect environment to reconnect to his essence and to his inner and divine nature.
In 2014 he recorded his first album called ”Naturally Connected” and continued touring.
In 2015 he landed in Corfu, where he found love and his new home.
He is currently trying to spread the music that was entrusted to him as best as possible and working on his second album.

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