Mo Joh

Mo Joh


Is a 38-year old singer & songwriter from Planet Earth.

He has been traveling the world for the past 19 years, spreading the message of love & light by playing concerts, organizing beach-clean ups with local communities, visiting kids at local schools and building a network of like-minded people that will hopefully continue to grow.

”While the work I do for my campaign keeps me grounded, my first love is and has always been music.”

Due to the current state of the world, he has started a project called ))Earth songs” by MoJoh & friends – an album collaborating with different artists from all over the world on songs that are all related to our connection with each other and Earth.

”I have always tried to use my music and networking skills to serve a higher purpose but if I am perfectly honest, never for the one thing that concerns me the most: The way our species is getting disconnected from Pacha Mama/ Earth.”

‘I hope my love will move, heal and inspire many in a world that needs positivity and a light tune to resonate with.’

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