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Kevin James Carroll


Kevin James Carroll was born in a small village called Lorne, on the Victorian coast of Australia.

Even though he grew up in a nonmusical family, and there was little or no support for his talents, Kevin’s confidence and love for singing was with him from an early age, where he sang for his family at Christmas and was always chosen to be a lead singer at school speech nights.

His first instrument was the harmonica, and it wasn’t until his 21st birthday party that he discovered the guitar, when a stranger appeared and offered to play him a song as a birthday gift. This experience awakened his calling for music, within the space of a year he was performing locally, and invitations started to come from the nearby city of Melbourne.

Things seemed to be going very well, playing with the idea of becoming a musician, but Kevin felt there was something else he was to offer with music. The feeling was so strong in him and he knew that he had to find out what it was. So he left his home with his guitar to follow a childhood dream of traveling the world. He first went to Asia, where he discovered for the first time, the teachings of the East; Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen, Hindu, chanting and yoga.

After a year, he returned to Australia and found that he couldn’t continue his old life in his home town. So he traveled North, where he started sharing music again as a solo artist, playing a mixture of covers and his own songs.

Tasting life again in the conventional music industry he walked away for a second time, feeling that this was not his path. He started to be drawn to a journey of self-discovery- studying yoga practices, different philosophical teachings and natural living; and chanting mantras became a personal practice. At that time, there were no role models of people sharing mantra music. He had a vision though, a feeling, that there was something he was to share through music that was deeper and more profound than what was commonly found in music.

With the vision to contribute something harmonious and useful to the world, Kevin decided to disconnect from society in far North Queensland for 10 years, to develop and put into practice what he was learning, to reconnect with nature and to discover his true nature, to find and live what he was to offer in service. At that time, he also discovered Rainbow Gatherings and its music and he embraced the universal sacred chanting.

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