Igor and Arianna

Feeling Sound

(Igor and Arianna)

Feeling Sound’s main focus is on the use of the voice as a therapeutic instrument and a source of self discovery. By studying the art of sound and communication, how we use, choose and feel our sounds, thoughts and words, we create better relationships with ourselves and other beings.

Dutchborn singer and multi instrumentalist Igor Ezendam is an acknowledged performer and teacher of vocal harmonics, inspired by soul music, shamanic chanting, Blues, tibetan undertones and Sufi mantras, as well as music from australian aboriginal, african and indian traditions. Next to his concerts, Igor offers Vocal Liberation and Overtone Singing seminars, as well as individual Voice Coaching and Sound Massage sessions.

Italian born Arianna Artioli is a Yoga teacher, a Wellbeing advocate, lover of Nature, Native traditions, sacred songs and dances, psychosomatics, empathic communication, personal and community growth, permaculture and vegetarian cuisine. During the seminars and in private sessions, she shares her wisdom through her experience with emotional healing processes.

Igor and Arianna’s decade of touring with their original musical sessions has touched the hearts and minds of many people along the way. With their caring presence, they create a safe space in which compassionate feedback and practical suggestions for improvement are mixed with poignant humor and emotional sensitivity.

This formula has helped hundreds of people feel free, alive and empowered to use their voice more and more. Part of the work includes inner child care, transforming old traumas and letting go of conditioning, truthful processing and mirroring, so that love and vital energy can flow freely once again. Being part of one of their retreats is a truly liberating experience.

“Thank you for orchestrating the most incredible workshop I have ever attended. The amount of freedom, support, guidance, and presence you provided was like a thin chrysalis. Enclosing and catalyzing a metamorphosis process that was raw, messy and ultimately life-changing.  It was the first time I felt safe and accepted in a circle while encouraged to be myself.” – Chloe, after a seminar in Athens.

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