Cyril Kubiš

Cyril Kubiš

Czech Republic

Musician, lecturer, music theorist, conductor and believer of an alternative method of approaching the path of life. He calls himself a “peaceful music warrior.” For a long time he was looking for a different way to study music and play a musical instrument. Through his search, he learned various methods that can show musicians that playing their instrument can be fun, great adventure, creation and self-expression.

In addition to studying music, he spent 9 years at the OSHO Meditation Center near Brno (Czech Republic), where he went through experiential seminars, thanks to which he understood the human soul better. He learned the art of meditation, working with energy and creativity and playing meditations. He has performed with various artists of the Milarepa band, Peter Makena, Rishi, Andres Cóndon…

He has also performed at OSHO Meditation Centers in Parimal (Germany) and Puna (India). He has performed at various festivals in Germany (Rainbow spirit festival), St. Petersburg, Switzerland and the Czech and Slovak Republics.

As a guide to the musician’s soul, he passes on knowledge at music schools, courses and festivals. He lectures on fear, improvisation, proper exercise and also on how to stand up to the mission of a musician today.

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