Practicing Qigong, a way to reconnect your relationship with Creation. Experience merging with the Universe, the quality of emptiness, inner stillness and peace, in coordination of simple movements, breath and healing sounds. Where the mind goes, qi flows and the blood follows! Remove energy blockages from organs, activate lymph & glands and manifest instantly vitality throughout every day, a healthy body, stable mind, creative and joyful spirit no matter what! Falling in love with the Self and falling in love with Nature itself, Love is providing solutions, Nature heals…and everything makes sense! Be the Solution!
Qi = the intelligence of energy, Gong = work, practice
Qigong = working with the intelligence of energy.

Athanasia, lives in Corfu with her beloved family and is inviting collective holistic healing through her Ancient Healing Arts in a modern way “ATHANASIA”: activities in which she embodies immortality through the role of herbalist, wild herb collector, beekeeper and creator of the organic herbal remedies for healing & beauty “Back to the Roots”, bodyworker (Tibetan KuNye massage in synergy with TCM, Hippocratic principles, cuppings & vibration), B.E.S.T. practitioner – Bioenergetic Synchronisation Technique and Qigong energy healer (one to one or distant).

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